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Our process

1. Discovery

During the discovery process we want to learn about you. We listen to your goals, outline your objectives and determine what degree of risk you are comfortable with. We look to gather quantitative data, such as investment and insurance statements, tax returns, employee benefit plans, income statements, expenses and existing estate structure information. It is important that we understand your past and present so that we can help you as you build a brighter and more secure future.

2. Analysis

We study your existing plan to see if it is properly structured to meet your stated goals. We then develop a draft analysis to help you understand the implications of your present planning and to identify inconsistencies that may exist between your current situation and your communicated goals and objectives.

3. Strategy

After a thorough review of your current situation and needs, we offer a range of options that focus on your goals. Each plan anticipates opportunities and potential pitfalls, while addressing your specific needs. Comprehensive recommendations are made in the areas of:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management Assessment
  • Asset Allocation & Investments
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Survivorship Planning
  • Estate Analysis

4. Implementation

Once a plan that meets your specific goals and objectives has been identified, we will manage the implementation to ensure purposeful execution.

5. Review

Your plan is not a one-time occurrence but rather an ongoing process. It is always active. We react to changes in addition to proactively reviewing your plan so that new developments in your personal situation and external conditions are reflected to help ensure that your financial future is on track. This is accomplished through regularly scheduled reviews as well as our use of robust reporting and projection tools and programs.